About Us

AlterAg Industries Corporation

Advancing the Global Supply of Wholesome, High-Quality Dairy Products

AlterAg Industries was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Hayward. Wisconsin, USA. We are a management and technology company that acquires and operates high-end dairy farms and certain key component of the supply chain between farm land and branded dairy products. By acquiring and integrating dairy farms with the vertical supply chain, we can better control quality, animal care, supply chain reliability cost of capital and profit margins.

Our mission is to grow the crops, that feed our cows, that produce our milk, that we process into branded dairy products, and that we distribute to consumers around the world. In so doing, we provide capital and succession planning for our farming families, wholesome and high quality products to our customers, a safe and healthy environment for our cows, and profitable operations for our stockholders.

Advancing Agriculture

  • AlterAg provides strong leadership with decades of experience.
  • Happy, healthy cows produce more and higher-quality milk.
  • As a research and development farm, we are on the cutting edge to see and develop better practices.
  • By integrating dairy farms with the supply chain, we increase reliability, consistency and value.

Led by Industry Veterans

AlterAg's Leadership

AlterAg’s management team has decades of experience in the dairy industry and in corporate management of both privately held and publicly traded companies. Our senior managers and Board members have been farm owners, farm managers, wholesale bulk food traders and exporters, commercial lenders to the agricultural community, CEO’s, and business advisors to Fortune 500 companies.

Their advanced understanding of the dairy farm industry coupled with broad business acumen enables AlterAg to develop and to implement the strategies and plans necessary for AlterAg to meet its goals: healthy cows, clean environment, wholesome products and predictable profitability.