Farm Operators

Farm Operators

Farm Operators

AlterAg is Advancing Agriculture by Respecting its Farmers, Their Family Heritage and the Service that they Provide

AlterAg is rooted in the dairy farm business.  We have firsthand knowledge of the hardships that farmers face, and the indispensable services that they provide. We also know the adverse effects of lack of capital, limited technology and uncertain succession planning.  For these reasons, our merger-structure provides our farmers with cash, assumes their debt, protects their homestead, maintains their family name on the business, and allows them to continue to live and work on the farm, if they wish, to build a succession plan with us if they prefer.

We take on the burden of capital, technology management, and financial planning and reporting.  We also cross-leverage the knowledge of our farmers with the other farm-families that have joined our team.  We  change the  “lumpy” and unappreciated nature of a farm-asset into a business that our farmers can enjoy, and we provide the critical mass to the farm business that our farms need to excel.


Technological Edge

AlterAg strongly believes that technology should be leveraged by the dairy industry to improve operational and financial performance. We support you even if you are reluctant to adopt technology due to cost and general inconvenience. AlterAg is the first mover to develop innovative best practices that are implemented across all of its farms and levered to drive a competitive advantage in the local milk markets and global dairy industry.

Better Process and Quality Control

AlterAg maintains a high standard of quality control for all of its farms and farm operations. Quality control is implemented through “best practices” training and internal site audits. AlterAg seeks and maintains “Grade A” facility status for its farms. The status is an agency certification based on numerous criteria that test the existence and successful application of best practices.

Access To Research and Development

AlterAg devotes a substantial part of its budget to research and development, both internally and through collaboration with key universities.

Application of Information Technology

AlterAg collects data from various “pinch points” in farm operations and uses the data to generate informed decisions. This type of decision-making leads to greater reproducibility, higher production, better quality and predictable profitability.


AlterAg deploys a variety of marketing strategies and awareness campaigns to improve brand visibility and recognition. These plans include digital marketing, print advertising, social media marketing, trade show participation (such as the World Dairy Exposition), and placement of scholarly articles in connection with our research and development of better practices and technology.

Employment Continuity

AlterAg deploys a number of plans to attract and retain employees, including:
•   Industry-appropriate compensation plans
•   Stock option and stock purchase/incentive plans for key employees
•   Clean and safe work environments
•   Business budgeting and “back-room” management
•   CapEx planning
•   Assistance by farmer-managers with practical and relevant experience
•   Animal kindness procedures and methodologies

With a focus on environmental responsibility, AlterAg knows that happy, healthy cows in a clean, wholesome environment produce higher-quality milk and more of it. AlterAg is here to help you make that happen.